They call me... completionist.

Okay so this is it... this is what I have to work with.

I know that I'm probably not the first to do this... and doubt I'll be the last.
But this is my story.

-1987-(FF**)-The one that started it all.
-1988-(FFII)-More involved/deeper story, even romance! Oh my!
-1990-(FFIII)-Introducing summons... and moogles! \o/
-1991-(FFIV)-Hello ATB, nice to meet you.
-1992-(FFV)-Expanded job system, more character control.
-1994-(FFVI)-Popular favorite in the series. Yay cactuars!
-1997-(FFVII**)-First FF with 3D graphics. Best selling. Most popular.
-1999-(FFVIII*)-What's your function junction? I named my cat Quistis.
-2000-(FFIX**)-Active Time Events. The kid characters turned me away.
-2001-(FFX*)-Voice acting and great story. Blitzball sucks.
-2003-(FFX-2*)-Charlie's Angels meets Final Fantasy.
-2006-(FFXII**)-Gambit system, too easy. MMO style encounters.

* - Played and finished before this blog
** - Tried but never completed before this blog

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